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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vishweshwaraya Museum, Kasturba Road, Bangalore

Dedicated to Sir M. Vishweshwaraya, this is a wonderful museum for learning and having some educational fun too. Sir MV Museum has working models of scientific applications in real life. These models cover quite a variety of topics on electronics, mechanics, magnetism, energy, properties of materials, physics, optics, biology, biotechnology etc...

The museum has many rooms which covers different aspects of technology. The galleries have been mainly classified and arranged on the different subjects Electronics, Science Gallery, Children Gallery, Engine .

On display it has ;
Working models of mechanical devices the pulleys, levers, windmills, turbines,
Train Engine, Life size Dinosaurs models, Working lift to be experimented with, Aeroplane of Wright Brothers, Dock Truck, Satellite Models etc...

Recommended . This is a must see place for all. 
By visiting here you would surely feel a DAY well spent ( needs a minimum of 4 hours).

The museum is located on Kasturba Road ( Central part of Bangalore ).

Timings : 10am to 5.30pm